Morning Show – Renee: “Political Machine”

The Machine Parts” 2/23/2009 8 mins

Written by: Renee deMedicis / “Powers to the People” 1230am

North Augusta, SC


You’ve probably heard of the term the Chicago Political Machine and how the Obama “Presidential Machine” has “morphed” from it by now. Like almost all of us you may be wondering exactly what it all means. So I thought I would take “The Machine” apart, piece by piece, so that we could better understand what part does what and how it actually works.


Well for starters let’s imagine that this Machine is like a gas operated leaf blower, without omitting the end effect of blowing or spreading.


Now you must have tools to take it apart so we’ll start with a screw driver. The screw driver would be the truth finder, the good reporter, the one wanting to find out how the Machine is really put together. So let’s start unscrewing this Machine.


First we look at the big screws naturally, that would be the outside ones holding this thing together. Let’s call these screws what they are, the liberal Senators and Congressmen.


Then you have the bolts, which are the deal making special interest groups and lobbyist securing these liberal senators and congressional screws together; next vote.


And now we get to the fuel line, you guessed it, the money running the power. The more money put in by the lobbyist and special interest filling the fuel line, the more powerful this Machine becomes and the harder it blows.


Now that I’ve opened up the machine and gotten through all the dirty grime the easier it is to see how “gunked” up and broken this big blower’s engine is. The filth has built up over the years and this is going to take a lot of cleaning just to get it started again.


The engine or “heart” of the machine of course is President Barack Obama. Charismatic and cool on the outside but definitely flawed and broken on the inside.


After years of wallowing in the filth and being fed the leftist socialism dogma day after day as a mere “community organizer” (or trash collector) on the dirty streets of Chicago, he got instantly bumped up the political latter after a brilliant speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. After all, he was still young and attractive and didn’t have much of a record that could be easily traced by the liberal media that would be adverse to look hard in the first place.


The Chicago Machine and Unions desperately wanted “one of their own” at the heart of the really Big Blower clearing the lawn at The White House. But as we start scrubbing away the grim near the engine of the Big Blower we are able to start taking it apart and the problems are very easy to see! One of the major malfunctions is the clogged external shaft.


The external shaft that does the blowing has three major components; the air inductor which sucks the air in is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi but she isn’t working properly. This inductor is supposed to make sure that a bipartisan filter is used to clean the air (or legislation) of any “one sided” exhaust that would cause the blower to only blow to the left resulting in half assed operation and leaving the leaves (or the people) on the right ignored and the White House Lawn in need of a good cleaning.


Then there’s the blower’s shaft Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. He came damaged from the manufacturer with an over inflated ego and a bad sense of self aggrandizement which convinced him he was bigger and more important that he actually was. He too is bent to the left (making himself dysfunctional) and although he loves to give the leaves on the right the shaft, no amount of banging can make him work even in the middle (except for the occasional pork barrel project, graft or large campaign contribution). But the results are very temporary and who really wants a hard left leaning shaft? It doesn’t look or make anyone feel good. Fortunately both Reid and Pelosi can be removed and replaced with properly working parts when their warranty runs out in 2010.


Since the inductor (or intake, Nancy Pelosi, who does her share of pork barrel, graft and special interest “endtaking” as well) is broken (probably just from overuse), the output or blower for the entire machine (White house Secretary Robert Gibbs), has a hard time spewing the hot air necessary to keep the Main Stream Media from falling asleep on the job due to lack of oxygen going to their already made up minds.


Further examination of the shaft exposes a part that seems to be of no purpose at all to the running of the machine except to occasionally screw up the operation, we’ll call that part Joe Biden. Then we have some belts which I believe to be the secretary of treasury Geithner since he has the ability to expand as needed. Then other large parts, known as the rest of the cabinet, all seem to have problems with either corruption of some type or like Geithner have avoided paying taxes to the same government agencies that they have been confirmed to lead.


Well, it seems that the only thing left to look at is the operation of the machine; the blowing or spreading. Well when I think of a blower I think of hot air, and as I mentioned, that would definitely be the Liberal media. Then what’s left? Nothing, except us leaves and debris scattered everywhere, insignificant as it would appear until we start getting in the way again and making the “Ones” lawn look bad.

But “The Messiah Machine” has a plan for eliminating this problem and of course, and it’s a “green solution.” He’ll take all of our “green” through regulations and taxation and transfer it to the real human garbage that will take our money in exchange for votes for the “Machine.”


We now know that we will all be terminated unless we who really care about liberty and justice get together and stand up to the “Machine” and stop it with the most powerful weapon on earth, THE VOTE! I believe that there are enough real Americans willing to stand up and “be counted” for the values of our forefathers, freedom, justice, capitalism, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, we may be down for now but we aren’t out and WE’LL BE BACK!


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