‘Target’ Peeping Tom Arrested

WNRR Augusta – (RCSO Release)


Charles David Tremblay, 32 of Augusta has been arrested and charged in connection with the incidents at Target in which he was caught on video surveillance using his cell phone to take pictures or video under the skirts of unsuspecting female shoppers.  Tremblay was arrested today at around 4 PM as he arrived for work at Wild Wings on Washington Road. 


Tremblay was investigated in November of 2007 for a similar incident at the Augusta Mall.  In that case, a bystander saw Tremblay place his phone under the skirt of an unsuspecting female.  The Sheriff’s Office applied for a warrant in that case, but was denied due to a lack of probable cause because there was no picture on the phone when it was inspected.  He has now been charged in that November case. 

We would still like for the woman in the Target video to come forward and report the case to us so that we can charge him with another count.  So far he’s been charged with two counts of Peeping Tom, one for Target and one for the Augusta Mall.

Tremblay has already been convicted of 3 counts of Peeping Tom and is currently on probation for those convictions, which came out of Athens, Georgia.

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