Tomato Warning Details (Special Coverage Section)

WNRR Augusta – (With Local and FDA Information, Earth Fare)

NEWSRADIO 1230 Special Assignment: “Tomato Terror ’08”

Where to Buy Safe Local Products:

       –Saturday Market On Reynolds
        -Earth Fare (R) in Evans
        -Roadside local stands set up on the Augusta-Edgefield Highway
        -Aiken/Augusta Farmers Market

Local stores that have removed tomatoes include:

        -Burger King
        -Outback Steakhouse

Consumer Information:


The Food and Drug Administration is expanding its warning to consumers nationwide that a salmonellosis outbreak has been linked to consumption of certain

raw red plum, red Roma, and red round tomatoes, and products containing these raw, red tomatoes. 

FDA recommends that consumers not eat raw red Roma, raw red plum, raw red round tomatoes, or products that contain these types of raw red tomatoes unless the tomatoes are from the sources listed below. If unsure of where tomatoes are grown or harvested, consumers are encouraged to contact the store where the tomato purchase was made. Consumers should continue to eat cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and tomatoes sold with the vine still attached, or tomatoes grown at home. 

On June 5, using traceback and other distribution pattern information, FDA published a list of states, territories, and countries where tomatoes are grown and harvested which have not been associated with this outbreak This updated list includes:  Arkansas , California , Georgia , Hawaii , North Carolina , South Carolina , Tennessee , Texas , Belgium , Canada , Dominican Republic , Guatemala , Israel , Netherlands , and Puerto Rico . This list will be updated as more information becomes available. 

FDA’s recommendation does not apply to the following tomatoes from any source: cherry, grape, and tomatoes sold with the vine still attached. FDA recommends that retailers, restaurateurs, and food service operators not offer for sale and service raw red Roma, raw red plum, and raw red round tomatoes unless they are from the sources listed above. Cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and tomatoes sold with the vine still attached, may continue to be offered from any source. 

Since mid April, there have been 145 reported cases of salmonellosis caused by Salmonella Saintpaul nationwide, including at least 23 hospitalizations. States reporting illnesses linked to the outbreak include: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Salmonella Saintpaul is an uncommon type of Salmonella
Salmonella can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections particularly in young children, frail or elderly people, and those with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, the organism can get into the bloodstream and produce more severe illnesses. Consumers who have recently eaten raw tomatoes or foods containing raw tomatoes and are experiencing any of these symptoms should contact their health care provider.
All Salmonella infections should be reported to state or local health authorities.
FDA recognizes that the source of the contaminated tomatoes may be limited to a single grower or packer or tomatoes from a specific geographic area. FDA also recognizes that there are many tomato crops across the country and in foreign countries that will be ready for harvest or will become ready in the coming months. In order to ensure that consumers can continue to enjoy tomatoes that are safe to eat, FDA is working diligently with the states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Indian Health Service, and various food industry trade associations to quickly determine the source of the tomatoes associated with the outbreak. 

FDA is taking these actions while the agency continues to investigate this outbreak with state and federal partners. Such actions are a key component of FDA’s Food Protection Plan a scientific and risk-based approach to strengthen and protect the nation’s food supply.
FOX Special Coverage:,2933,364448,00.html

UPDATE: Augusta Earth Fare Speaks Out On The Tomato Scare

(Augusta, GA) As the FDA continues to investigate the source of the
17-state salmonella outbreak Earth Fare has removed all produce in
question. “Due to the ongoing investigation by FDA we have voluntarily pulled
any and all tomatoes grown in areas that the FDA has not cleared in
their investigation. We value the health and safety of our guests and our
teammates. We will continue to monitor and act proactively to the
findings from the FDA”. Says Shaiyu Chandarana Category Manager of Produce
and Floral at Earth Fare. Customers who have purchased tomatoes in
question may return product for a full refund.

Cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, tomatoes sold with the vine still
attached and homegrown tomatoes are likely not the source of the outbreak
confirmed FDA officials. Also not associated with the outbreak are raw
red Roma, red plum and round red tomatoes from Arkansas, California,
Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas,
Belgium, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Israel, Netherlands and Puerto
Rico. The following tomatoes remain on the sales floor at Earth Fare
and have been cleared by the FDA: Red Cluster Tomatoes – Canada, Hydro
Beef Steak Tomatoes – Canada, Campari Tomatoes- Canada, Strawberry
Tomatoes – Canada, Roma Tomatoes on the Vine – Canada, Yellow Tomatoes –
Florida, Organic Grape Tomatoes – Florida, and Organic Cherry Tomatoes

Consumers looking for detailed information can visit
<>.  Earth Fare
Market and Café was founded in Asheville, North Carolina and has grown
into a premier chain of natural and organic markets located in North
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. 

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