GA Approves Measure For State-Level Authorized Charter Schools

WNRR Augusta – (GA Press Release)

ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue today signed into law legislation that will create a state-level charter school commission to provide charter schools with an alternate approval process in the event the school is rejected at the local level.  This is an important step in equalizing treatment of Georgia’s two forms of public education. In addition to creating an alternate authorizing commission, House Bill 881 will also provide for more equitable funding of charter schools relative to their traditional public school counterparts.


“This legislation is important because it provides charter schools that are rejected at the local level for purely political reasons an alternate means for being approved,” said Randy Hicks, president of Georgia Family Council.  “The net result is that parents will be given greater ability to decide how their children will be educated.  That was the reason charter schools were created in the first place and this legislation is faithful to that purpose.” 


Some have said that the previous method of charter school approval was like asking Burger King to approve the building of a new McDonald’s across the street. The school district in authority was seldom eager to create competition for itself by welcoming a new charter school into the district.


“Now, parents will have greater choice, and frankly, more power, in choosing the type of school that is best for each of their children,” Hicks said.


More information is available at

Please call to book an interview with a staff member of Georgia Family Council at 770-242-0001.

Georgia Family Council is a non-profit research and education organization headquartered in Norcross, Ga., and committed to strengthening families and promoting civil society by shaping laws, influencing public opinion, and equipping marriage and family advocates.


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