News12: Arrest Warrants For Band Teacher

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AUGUSTA, Ga — News 12 has confirmed the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of taking out arrest warrants for 38 year old Anthony Shelton, a former band director at Butler High School.

Shelton, 38, is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old former Butler High School student. According to an incident report filed with the Sheriff’s Office last week, the victim’s mother alleges Shelton had sex with her daughter six to eight times a week in the band room. She also alleges Shelton would pull her daughter out of class and that her child even knew that Shelton kept the condoms hidden in his desk drawer.

Investigator Thelma Gilchrest says it is possible that there are more victims in this case and that the investigation is ongoing.

Stay tuned to this website and News 12 First at Five for the latest on this developing story.


2 Responses to News12: Arrest Warrants For Band Teacher

  1. Murphey says:

    This one time… at band camp…

  2. Free Mr. Shelton says:

    It seems that there is a lot of additional information about this matter that is not being exposed. These young ladies are all friends and one of them was put out of the band by Mr. Shelton. Another one of these young ladies was recently suspended from school because she was late for Mr. Sheltons class and when she returned to school she started making allegations. Word on the street is that they wanted him gone some they could all be in the band next year.

    Futhermore, why isn’t the school stepping up so say yeah or nay on the allegation of Mr. Shelton sending for this young lady to come to the band hall 6-8 times a week for the past four months?

    If this is true why isn’t anyone speaking on this matter?

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