SC Governor Blasts Budget Plan

WNRR Augusta – (SC Press Release)

Gov. Sanford: Senate Mortgages Future for Political Points Now

Columbia, S.C. * April 16, 2008 * Governor Mark Sanford today issued
the following statement on the Senate’s completion of their budget, and
in particular their decision to raid money set aside for the state’s
$20 billion in unpaid for political promises in an effort to provide
raises this year:

“It’s hard to imaging anything more irresponsible than taking money
set aside for retirement benefits debt and use it to try and buy favor
with current state employees during an election year,” Gov. Sanford
said. “This decision might make a lot of folks in government happy
now, but it’s going to be their children and grandchildren who end up
paying the price for our Senate’s failure to address $20 billion in
unpaid for political promises.

“Meanwhile, the legislature’s $18.5 million pet project fund sits
untouched, and excuse after excuse is offered by Senate leadership as to
why that money can’t be used. We’ve said before that cutting
across the board isn’t the way families and small businesses do things,
and it isn’t the way state government should operate either. In light
of how the state’s budget situation has changed since they last looked
at the budget, the House now has another opportunity to do what the
Senate did not by shutting down the Competitive Grants program once and
for all, and I’d urge them to do so.”

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