Census: Augusta Grew By Thounsands In 2007

WNRR Augusta – (Press Release From City Government)

The latest Census Bureau information was released yesterday. 

Augusta-Richmond County’s MSA population increased from 522,608 in 2006 to 528,519 in 2007, for a total increase of 5,911 people.  This results in a 1.1% increase.

The news media usually focuses on percentages, and will inevitably say our percentage of growth was not as strong as Columbia (1.7%), Charleston (2.1%), Greenville (2.1%), Savannah (2.4%), and on and on.

Here’s a point to remember about percentages:  It is the percentage of what? 

For instance, adding 10 people to a base of 100 is a 10% growth….adding the same 10 people to a base of 200 is only a 5% growth.

Another point:  The highest percentage growth community in the United States between 2006 and 2007 is Palm Coast, FL with a one-year growth percentage of 7.2%.  How many people did they add last year?  5,964….only 53 more than Augusta.  Their starting base in 2006 was only 82,433.  Our base for 2006 was more than six times their 2006 base.

On the chart of Largest Numeric Gain in the USA, Augusta ranked 93rdPalm Coast, FL ranked 91st.

So, hopefully, this will provide some positive information for you in case someone asked about our “low” percentage of growth…..


Walter C. Sprouse, Jr., CEcD, CCE

Executive Director

Development Authority of Richmond County

Suite 560, Historic Enterprise Mill

1450 Greene Street

Post Office Box 922

Augusta, GA 30903-0922

706-821-1321 direct

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