SC Issues Storm Damage Numbers

WNRR Augusta – (From SC Emergency Management)

SCEMD Continues to Assist Counties after Weekend Storms

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Monday, March 18, 2008 4:00 PM) – The South Carolina Emergency Management Division continues to coordinate assistance in the recovery effort in the South Carolina communities affected by Saturday’s tornado activity and severe weather.


Statewide 68 homes were totally destroyed, 81 homes suffered major damage and 352 homes suffered minor damage.  SCEMD currently has disaster assessment teams in various locations throughout the state who are determining the extent of the damage.


24 counties in South Carolinareported at least some type of severe weather Saturday, including multiple touchdowns from 17 tornados confirmed by the National Weather Service.


The work continues in the areas affected.  Since the severe weather Saturday, the State of South Carolina has seen a tremendous amount of support from volunteer organizations, local responders, and state agencies in helping the people recover from the damage caused by this string of storms.


SCEMD is currently working with all responders to supply food, water, tarps, electricians, heavy equipment and other clean-up crews to the most heavily affected areas. 


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