Aiken County Shelters Remain Open – Schools Re-Open

WNRR Augusta – Here’s the latest information released from the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department:

Aiken County Storm Damage Update

Beginning at 5:30 p.m., the American Red Cross will open and operate a
shelter for any citizen displaced by the storm at Midland Valley High
School. Citizens are directed to report to the school gymnasium.
Valley is located on Mustang Drive, in Graniteville.

All Area 3 schools will resume normal operation on Tuesday. Students
should report at the usual time to: Byrd Elementary, Clearwater
Elementary, Gloverville Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Warrenville
Elementary, L-B-C Middle School, Leavelle – McCampbell Middle School,
Midland Valley High School and the Aiken County Career Center.

South Carolina DOT to Cleanup Debris
Residents are directed to place storm debris on the right-of-way in
front of their homes.
Over the next two weeks, crews will remove and dispose of debris.
Residents are directed to schedule pickup by calling: (803) 641-7666;
(803) 641-7665.

Water Service
Water service has been restored to an estimated 1000 customers of the
Bath Water District.
However, the system is not at full pressure. South Carolina Department
of Health and Environmental Control continues testing water quality. In
the meantime, residents are directed to boil water for one minute
drinking or cooking until further notice.

Utility Service
South Carolina Electric and Gas estimates 400 customers still are
without power Monday afternoon as a result of the storm. Those
live in Bath, North Augusta and the Pine Log Road area. Aiken Electric
Cooperative says it has restored service to all its customers.

Storm Damage
Cleanup continues on O’Bannion Court. Relief services and utility
are working to restore service in the area.

Home Repairs
Before making any repairs to your home, please contact Aiken County
Planning and Development to obtain a permit. Call (803) 642-1518. Aiken
will provide permits free-of-charge.

Despite rumors circulating among citizens, there have been no reported
deaths or confirmed cases of looting in the storm-damaged area.

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